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5 Tips for Video Production Hurricane Preparation

It’s Hurricane season… and a busy one.

In New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, serious weather changes, flooding, and road closures are all second nature as our lives are continually impacted by the affects of hurricanes, tropical storms, and random storms causing city-wide flooding. For some clients unfamiliar with these phenomenon, dealing with weather issues can ruin a video production project, schedule, travel, etc.

One recent project had my team (New Orleans) and our client (Los Angeles) traveling to Houma, Louisiana meeting for an interview with our talent (Biloxi). This was the same week that Hurricane Harvey was making landfall in Texas. Though we were not in direct line of the storm, we are situated on the stronger East side of the storm. During our pre-production meetings in the week leading up to our video production, I informed our client of the potential for the storm to influence our shoot. We always try to share our experience to educate and inform clients of bayou production life.

Recently we’ve had a few video production requests that required last minute actions to account for dangerous weather situations… so we decided to put together 5 Keys to prepare for Hurricane Season and have a successful video production.

1. Travel

If you’re flying to New Orleans with hazardous weather in the area, make sure you can get home and plan to arrive earlier than necessary. if possible, book a secondary return flight in advance. Once you arrive in Louisiana, clients needing to rent a vehicle should forgo the lure of sport sedans and get an SUV. Streets in New Orleans are hazardous enough without rain.. add 4 inches of floodwater to a 1-foot pothole and it becomes a submerged vehicle real quick. Use a GPS to view alternative routes to and from your location and when in doubt, follow a car in front of you with a Louisiana license plate.

*note: swerving while driving does not indicate impairment, more likely is a sign of a veteran driver avoiding known road obstacles

2. Check weather frequently

In New Orleans where our team and client were located, It was a little rainy, but nothing serious (yet). In Biloxi, the talent was preparing for her trip. Houma was a different story. Our production team was meeting 2 hours prior to arriving on location as we planned to prep gear, drive (accounting for traffic) and get loaded in before our client arrives on set. Luckily, My client and I had consulted the Weather App and touched base with the location prior to meeting because Houma was actively telling patients NOT to arrive that day due to weather closure. After discussing and ensuring the safety of everyone, we decided to delay the project to the following week.

Good thing we did, because here is a picture of the audio operator outside his house following the storm.

Flooding in New Orleans by Anat Cohen Photography

Flooding in New Orleans by Anat Cohen Photography

3. Have a backup plan

Always have an alternative way to achieve the desired result. Have a pre-coordinated standby recording day for interviews if the scheduled production is cancelled. In this case, our client had already planned the following week to conduct the interviews if necessary. Prepare a secondary location for the shoot. If the initial plan is recording outdoors, have an indoor option available as well. Plan for multiple days of B-roll to account for weather conditions and if necessary, utilize our stock video inventory for alternatives to non-ideal recording situations.

4. Budget

Sometimes things happen beyond the control of the parties involved, so it’s best to reserve a little budget for emergency funding. This can range from delayed flights, inaccessible locations, safety precautions, or last minute cancellations. Reserving dates with crew, gear, and travel blocks those assets from use on other projects and guarantees the availability for your project. Understand that the team dedicated to creating your video content has put aside other projects, coordinated with families and childcare, and made all arrangements to facilitate the availability for your project. This is why we typically require an upfront non-refundable deposit to hold dates. We do try to work with our clients financially to work through any curveballs thrown our way, but it’s best to be prepared for additional costs that may come due to weather, cancelled flights, or other unforeseen events that may prevent the day of production to be executed. Re-renting cars, re-booking flights, and reserving alternative dates can get costly quick.

5. Safety FIRST

… ultimately, all of the tips above are surpassed by ensuring the safety of all personnel. We work diligently to adapt to any situation thrown at us, but sometimes we need to call it. At the end of the day, there are few video production projects, if any, worth sacrificing the safety of our team or our clients. We’re creating video content, capturing experiences, and engaging audiences… jeopardizing the possibility of returning home to our families is not exactly part of the plan. We are very fortunate to have worked with clients, especially in this situation, that recognize the importance of safety for everyone involved in the project. We all love what we do and the people we get to share our experiences with, so emphasis on safely producing video content can not be overstated.

Though this advice may seem basic for those familiar with these experiences, hopefully these 5 Tips for Successful Video Production during Hurricane Season aides in having a heads up on dealing with situations beyond your control to have a successful video shoot during the most hectic weather season of the year in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Was Pepsi’s Ad Actually a Marketing Win?

The Pepsi Ad. That’s all you have to say and people instantly know what you mean. But in case you somehow missed it, here’s the gist. The ad is a two-and-a-half-minute commercial featuring Kendall Jenner at a social protest. After giving some righteous fist pumps and feeling woke with her fellow protestors, Jenner hands a Pepsi to a stern police officer, seemingly calming the tension. The implication? The Black Lives Matter movement, the Women’s March on Washington, and other protests worldwide would have all been more effective…if only everyone just shared a Pepsi.

The backlash to the ad was swift and fierce. Many on social media called the campaign “tone deaf,” accusing Pepsi of using video advertising to profit from recent social issues. Martin Luther King Jr.’s youngest daughter, Bernice King, tweeted an iconic photo of her father face-to-face with a state trooper with the caption, “If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi.” That got 160,000 retweets. Pepsi quickly pulled the ad and issued an apology, acknowledging that they “missed the mark.”

But here’s the big question: If we’re still talking about the ad over a month later, how much of a marketing failure was it, really?

Has This Hurt Pepsi’s Image?

It’s unlikely that Pepsi’s long-term image will be damaged by this misstep from their marketing and ad department. They’re already ranked in the Top 30 of Forbes’ list of brands with the best name recognition globally. Even with the negative attention, one controversial ad probably won’t keep people from drinking their soda. The public has a notoriously short attention span; people might remember the ad for a long time, but the strong emotions they felt on the first viewing will fade as they move on to the next media mishap.

Lose, Win?

Just how could the near-universal backlash against the commercial actually be a marketing win in the long run? While the ad has been enveloped in a slew of negative feedback, it still got people talking. In fact, it’s become one of the few things that the internet by-and-large agreed upon—the harsh reaction to the ad brought people together. And, when we’re constantly being bombarded with messages that we’ll see one day and forget the next, getting this amount of steady attention is no small feat.

Will This Affect Future Marketing Campaigns?

Although Pepsi is likely to weather this storm, lessons from the ad will probably affect how companies make future marketing decisions for a long time to come. When creating new advertising campaigns that focus on video production, brands should take note of the emotional response that came from Pepsi’s attempt to insert their product into a highly charged social situation. And sure, there are occasions where it might be acceptable to reference politics in an ad (in a subtle and unbiased way, of course), but it’s risky to suggest that your product could single-handedly solve society’s ills, even if you’re as big and global as Pepsi.

How Filming Your Next Event Can Help Build Your Brand

Developing tools to keep your audience engaged is one of the first steps to great marketing. My clients really appreciate how video content pulls into focus the important moments at their company. Recording their events offers them the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand and feature a different side of their business. From behind-the-scenes footage to glitzy functions and galas, videos allow your customers to interact and engage with your products and services. They also let you show off all of the amazing projects you are working on. Here are a few ways professional event video production can help you grow your business and increase customer loyalty.

Engaging Visual Content Sets the Tone for Your Business

A well-curated event video will bring your brand to life. Whether it’s a product launch or annual activity, capturing it on video allows your audience a peek into the culture of your company and lets them engage with your brand—even if they missed the actual event. Those who did attend also have the bonus of being able to relive the excitement and share the content with their friends and colleagues.

I encourage my clients to reach out to me if they have ideas about editing the video. Working directly with my clients helps me to hone in on their company’s personality and ensure the video fits the messaging of the promotion. Viewers will be drawn to the tone and subject matter presented, providing a visual experience that is personal, unique, and cohesive to your brand.

It is also a good idea to capture video content for internal use as well. Consistently recording important events will provide a substantial resource when developing content for larger happenings like 10-, 20-, 50-year anniversaries and Year-end videos. Your production team will have access to higher quality content making it easier to develop videos that are professional and not just the result of last minute employee iPhone photos.

Keeping Your Audience Informed Drives Sales

Creating a high caliber event video shows clients that you care about the details and the products you sell. Event videos give you a chance to inform your clients of new initiatives while also meeting them in a format that they are accustomed to and enjoy. Video is versatile; there isn’t just one way to do it. Try creating 30-second spots that feature products, or start a series that focuses on a particular aspect of your business or advertises special offers. Spread the news—send it via email or upload it to social media. In a study done by Relevancy Group, companies that added video to their emails saw a 40 percent increase in revenue. I tell my clients to share their videos as much as possible; the more they share, the bigger their audience can be.

Branding and strategy are top priorities for any company. Professionally filming an event enhances your business’ voice and builds trust with your client base. Customers want to know that they can expect the same quality products and services they’ve always received, but that your business understands modern conveniences and can keep up with the competition. If you have an upcoming event, make it a point to hire a professional to record it and show off your brand’s identity.

For more information about the event video production services we offer, contact us. We would love to collaborate with you and showcase your company’s story!

Stimulate Your Social Media With Dynamic Video Content

One of my favorite things about working with video is the process. Deconstructing a surface story and diving deep into the content to capture a meaningful moment and compelling narrative for our clients is why we do what we do. Thoughtful content that is professionally curated by a video production company increases your chances of being found on the internet and amplifies the voice of your company. You’ll see noticeable and consistent jumps in conversion, click-thru rates, and devoted customers as well. But, the shareability of video content makes it even more beneficial for business, offering a high impact when promoted on social media.

Increased Brand Awareness

Branding is a key component of marketing. Consistency, timing, and fresh concepts are what keep a business alive in the world of social media. Using a video production agency to create content is a dynamic component of any campaign, allowing businesses to show off their versatility and showcase product launches that can truly reach their clientele. Social media only enhances this interaction, spreading your company’s message even further and across multiple platforms. Every minute, Twitter users share more than 700 videos, according to data from Socialbakers. With users more likely to engage with content when shared through friends, imagine the positive impact on your brand.

More Reach Than Text

Videos receive far more shares on social media than text-only content. Blame it on the advance of smartphones, but consumers are demanding more visually stimulating content that provides relevant information and tells a story. Many prefer the snappy and easy-to-digest format of a good video as opposed to scrolling through dense text. Partnering with a professional video production company and creating videos that show how to use a product can have a far greater impact than a wordy written description. With YouTube reigning as the second most searched platform after Google, video allows companies higher searchability as well.

Measurable Content

It is relatively easy to measure interest in videos. From view count and play rate to social sharing and conversion rate, there are plenty of metrics that can be applied. These helpful stats allow you to understand which pieces of content are the most successful. They are also an excellent way to gauge what your customers are interested in, as well as what style or tone they prefer. Having this extra information is invaluable and will only stimulate more ways for you to be creative with your business’ video content.

In an age when social media is king, it is more important than ever to promote your business in a visually significant way. Contact us to learn more about the great video services we offer. We love coffee and conversations!

Get the Best Long-Term Value With Video Content

I think I am a good reflection of today’s buyer—I get most of my information from my smartphone or my tablet. Mobile-friendly platforms are ideal, and like most, I don’t have much time to dive deep into services and read long product descriptions. I want my information on the fly, whether it’s a post on Facebook or a video on YouTube.

Good marketers know this about their client base and realize that buyers want to be able to learn all they need to know in one sitting. They want to connect with the company they are purchasing from, and they want to be confident that when they buy, they are getting the exact service or product they are seeking. Here are a few examples of how making an investment in video content can help your business.

Expands Reach

Video allows your company to reach a larger audience. Visual marketing is perhaps one of the most impactful tools for any business, and marketers are paying attention. In just the last year, 61 percent of companies have started incorporating video into their marketing plan, and 76 percent of businesses say they see a positive return on their investment. Our clients understand the lasting value of investing in professional corporate videography. Not only does having video attract business—when done well, it retains it.

Easily Engages Consumers

Engaging content that is relevant, unique, and pulls me into the products I am interested in gets top billing in my book. I enjoy watching a well-done, professional video, and I like having access to that information whenever and wherever. Video content is easy to consume on the go, making it one of the most compelling marketing tools out there. YouTube reported that video consumption increases 100 percent every year, which is why companies are investing more in corporate videography. Additionally, video usage on Facebook shows continuously steady growth. In fact, Facebook recently announced user updates to make watching and sharing videos even more dynamic. Being able to connect in such a personal way with your customers pays dividends.

Humanizes the Company

Consumers want to know more about the people behind the business. With most of the purchasing process happening online now, there are few (if any) opportunities to interface with customers on a personal level. Videography gives businesses the latitude to not only grab the attention of viewers but also to tell them exactly who they are. The more comfortable a customer is with a business, the more likely they’ll want to stay in business with them. I think that is reason enough to reach beyond the online divide and become more real to your clients.

Demonstrates Products and Services

Because most purchases are happening online, it can be difficult to show off a new item or demonstrate how a product works. However, according to a study done by Wyzowl, 69 percent of users prefer to learn about a product by watching a video. Investing in professional video content presents endless possibilities to suit the appetite of your customer base. You can feature an item or service of the month, launch a new product, or do a full demonstration on how to use a specific piece of merchandise. Video content is versatile and topical, and when done well, is sure to satiate viewers. By making a connection between your product and what it can do for your customers, your business should see a noticeable boost in interest and sales.

Increases Rank in Google

Google’s algorithm for search ranking measures the time visitors spend on a given website. This is called dwell time, and Google uses this to determine whether or not a site is trustworthy. The longer the dwell time, the more likely that the website has quality content, and the more trustworthy the site will become with Google. Not to mention, websites with video content generally have higher click-thru rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates. Do you remember the last great video you watched? According to the Online Publishers Association, 80 percent of consumers do, reporting that they can recall a video as much as a month after watching it. That’s a huge impact in just a matter of minutes.

Partnering with a video production agency as part of your business plan can open many doors for your company. You’ll not only bring in more customers; you’ll keep them, too.

LUNA Fête 2016 New Orleans

LUNA Fête presented by the Arts Council of New Orleans is highlighted by an animated video projection-mapping over Gallier Hall directly next to our office on St. Charles Avenue. The visual experience travels from the CBD down to the French Quarter where you can find SNOW falling in New Orleans on Fulton Street outside of Harrah’s Casino. LUNA Fête is truly a wonderful celebration of light and art in New Orleans! http://www.artsneworleans.org/event/luna-fete/

Holt-Brown Celebration | New Orleans

New Orleans is a popular destination for people from across the globe. Many travel for “work”, the cultural experience, and celebrations of all kind including parties, festivals, and weddings. One aspect of our company’s history is that we have never provided video production services for weddings. We have nothing against those who provide wedding productions, our focus always geared toward the content creation for commercial and corporate clients… then we received a phone call that began with, “excuse me if I’m laughing randomly, I’ve got baby squirrels running around me“. Easy to say, a unique introduction.

Laura Holt and Christopher Brown were excited to celebrate their lives together in a place that they loved, New Orleans. They were looking for a way to showcase their New Orleans destination wedding festivities with their friends and loved ones, yet traditional wedding video production companies did not excite them… So they turned to implicted to create a feature video of the New Orleans celebration.

There was a dilemma though… We don’t typically ‘do’ weddings, so we gladly referred the couple to partner companies that frequently produce wedding videos. Luckily, they didn’t want traditional wedding videography companies to create the video for them, instead they wanted us, a New Orleans creative content video production company, to capture and produce the experience in a way that we do for many of our corporate or commercial video clients… So we were intrigued.

After much discussion, we got to know Laura and Christopher. Their unique and longstanding relationship paired with their welcoming and joy-of-life personalities made for a story that we’re proud to have become characters in.

Part of our agreement is that instead of calling it a ‘wedding video’ we refer to the video as a ‘celebration of life and love event‘…therefore we could still hold true to our wedding-less tenure.. So, we were honored to be able to create this vision for them.

The writing of ‘I always loved you‘ is the actual handwriting of Christopher to his wife, Laura. Throughout their decades of friendship and love, together and separate, this statement has always and continues to hold true.

Not only is the Holt-Brown Celebration one of our favorite projects to have worked on, we’re lucky to now have Laura and Christopher as friends.

“Bourbon Street Parade” by Harry Connick Jr.


If you have an event that you would like to turn into an experience… Feel free to contact us at hello@implicted.com or 504.298.8323.


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The Last Waltz: New Orleans

We were honored to provide video production services for The Last Waltz: New Orleans during Jazz Fest weekend.

Our team captured the event with a variety of Canon Cinema Series cameras providing dynamic imagery of the event to showcase the energy of the performances, audience, and the Saenger Theatre.

Any opportunity to create along with great music is welcomed… Feel free to contact us at Hello@implicted.com or 504.298.8323.

NAB 2016

Another year and we’re back for the annual National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas! In an industry that is constantly evolving with technology advancements and trends, we strive to stay ahead of the movement.

With early implementation of 360 Degree videography, 4K content acquisition, Gimbals and Aerials… We continually bring the latest trends to New Orleans video production and content creation for our clients.

This year’s latest included High Dynamic Range(HDR) displays, Accordion Camera Cranes, and Virtual Reality just to name a few.

Every year is something different and it’s our passion to be able to bring these technological advances to our clients’ projects.

Cirque du Soleil: OVO

Cirque du Soleil: OVO in Baton Rouge

Cirque du Soleil: OVO (Photography: RobDavisPhotography.com)

Cirque du Soleil reached out to us to provide 4K capture of the traveling performance show “OVO”. The objective is to create an international marketing campaign that the client would be able to showcase to potential upcoming venues around the world… so of course we were honored by the opportunity.

The project included multiple Canon C300 Mark II cameras to provide exceptional 4K quality of the high energy acrobatic performance. We were able to provide a variety of angles for each act along with a roaming gimbal camera for more dynamic movement. With so many moving parts in a ever evolving coordination of acts and performers, we were fortuante to preview the 3-hour show prior to the production. Scouting the location, Baton Rouge River Center, for the best camera angles and figuring out logistics for the production were key to a successful product.

Showcasing a 4K immersive video of the performance will engage international venues, but to truly appreciate the outstanding talent, timeless preparations, and detail that the Cirque du Soleil: OVO team puts into their show, it must be experienced in person. We highly recommend attending one of the performances as the show makes its way across the globe. https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/ovo


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