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Developing tools to keep your audience engaged is one of the first steps to great marketing. My clients really appreciate how video content pulls into focus the important moments at their company. Recording their events offers them the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand and feature a different side of their business. Videos allow your customers to interact and engage with your products and services. They also let you show off all of the amazing projects you are working on. Here are a few ways professional event video production can help you grow your business and increase customer loyalty.

Engaging Visual Content Sets the Tone for Your Business

A well-curated event video will bring your brand to life. Whether it’s a product launch or annual activity, capturing it on video allows your audience a peek into the culture of your company and lets them engage with your brand—even if they missed the actual event. Those who did attend also have the bonus of being able to relive the excitement; moreover, they can share the content with their friends and colleagues.

I encourage my clients to reach out to me if they have ideas about editing the video. Working directly with my clients helps me to hone in on their company’s personality; in addition to ensuring the video fits the messaging of the promotion. Viewers will be drawn to the tone and subject matter presented, providing a visual experience that is personal, unique, and cohesive to your brand.

It is also a good idea to capture video content for internal use as well. Consistently recording important events provides a substantial resource when developing future content. This can be for larger happenings like 10-, 20-, 50-year anniversaries and year-end videos. Your production team will have access to higher quality content, thus making it easier to develop videos that are professional. This way, they’re not just the result of last minute employee iPhone photos.

Keeping Your Audience Informed Drives Sales

Creating a high caliber event video shows clients that you care about the details and the products you sell. Event videos give you a chance to inform your clients of new initiatives while also meeting them in a format that they are accustomed to and enjoy. Video is versatile; there isn’t just one way to do it. Try creating 30-second spots that feature products, or start a series that focuses on a particular aspect of your business or advertises special offers. Spread the news—send it via email or upload it to social media. In a study done by Relevancy Group, companies that added video to their emails saw a 40 percent increase in revenue. I tell my clients to share their videos as much as possible; the more they share, the bigger their audience can be.

Branding and strategy are top priorities for any company. Professional event video production enhances your business’ voice and builds trust with your client base. Customers want to know that they can expect the same quality products and services they’ve always received, but that your business understands modern conveniences and can keep up with the competition. If you have an upcoming event, make it a point to hire a professional to record it and show off your brand’s identity.

For more information about the event video production services we offer, contact us. We would love to collaborate with you and showcase your company’s story!

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