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One of my favorite things about working with video is the process. We love deconstructing a surface story and diving deep into the content. Capturing a meaningful moment and a compelling narrative for our clients is why we do what we do. Content that is professionally curated by a video production agency increases your chances of being found on the internet. It also amplifies the voice of your company. You’ll see noticeable and consistent jumps in conversion, click-thru rates, and devoted customers as well. But, the shareability of video content makes it even more beneficial for business, offering a high impact when promoted on social media.

Increased Brand Awareness

Branding is a key component of marketing. Consistency, timing, and fresh concepts are what keep a business alive in the world of social media. Using a video production agency to create content is a dynamic component of any campaign, allowing businesses to show off their versatility and showcase product launches that can truly reach their clientele. Social media only enhances this interaction, spreading your company’s message even further and across multiple platforms. Every minute, Twitter users share more than 700 videos, according to data from Socialbakers. With users more likely to engage with content when shared through friends, imagine the positive impact on your brand.

More Reach Than Text

Videos receive far more shares on social media than text-only content. Blame it on the advance of smartphones, but consumers are demanding more visually stimulating content. Content that should provide relevant information and tell a story. Many prefer the snappy and easy-to-digest format of a good video as opposed to scrolling through dense text. Partnering with a professional video production agency and creating videos that show how to use a product can have a far greater impact than a wordy written description. With YouTube reigning as the second most searched platform after Google, video allows companies higher searchability as well.

Measurable Content

It is relatively easy to measure interest in videos. From view count and play rate, from social sharing to conversion rate, many metrics can be applied. These helpful stats allow you to understand which pieces of content are the most successful. They are an excellent way to gauge what your customers are interested in, and what style / tone they prefer. Having this extra information is invaluable. It will only stimulate more ways for you to be creative with your business’ video content.

In an age when social media is king, it is more important than ever to promote your business in a visually significant way. Contact us to learn more about the great video services we offer. We love coffee and conversations!

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