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I think I am a good reflection of today’s buyer. I get most of my information from my smartphone or my tablet. Mobile-friendly platforms are ideal. Like most consumers, I don’t have much time to dive deep into services and read long product descriptions. I want my information on the fly, whether it’s a post on Facebook or a video on YouTube.

Good marketers know this about their client base. They realize that buyers want to be able to learn all they need to know in one sitting. Buyers want to connect with the company they are purchasing from. They also want to be confident that when they buy, they are getting the exact service or product they are seeking. Here are a few examples of how making an investment in corporate videography & video content can help your business.

Expands Reach

Video allows your company to reach a larger audience. Visual marketing is perhaps one of the most impactful tools for any business, and marketers are paying attention. In just the last year, 61 percent of companies have started incorporating video into their marketing plan, and 76 percent of businesses say they see a positive return on their investment. Our clients understand the lasting value of investing in professional corporate videography. Not only does having video attract business—when done well, it retains it.

Easily Engages Consumers

Engaging content that is relevant, unique, and pulls me into the products I am interested in gets top billing in my book. I enjoy watching a well-done, professional video, and I like having access to that information whenever and wherever. Video content is easy to consume on the go, making it one of the most compelling marketing tools out there. YouTube reported that video consumption increases 100 percent every year, which is why companies are investing more in corporate videography. Additionally, video usage on Facebook shows continuously steady growth. In fact, Facebook recently announced user updates to make watching and sharing videos even more dynamic. Being able to connect in such a personal way with your customers pays dividends.

Humanizes the Company

Consumers want to know more about the people behind the business. With most of the purchasing process happening online now. There are few (if any) opportunities to interface with customers on a personal level. Corporate videography gives businesses the latitude to grab the attention of viewers. It also allows them to tell their customers exactly who they are. The more comfortable a customer is with a business, the more likely they’ll want to stay in business with them. I think that is reason enough to reach beyond the online divide and become more real to your clients.

Demonstrates Products and Services

Because most purchases are happening online, it can be difficult to show off a new item or demonstrate how a product works. However, according to a study done by Wyzowl, 69 percent of users prefer to learn about a product by watching a video. Investing in professional video content presents endless possibilities to suit the appetite of your customer base. You can feature an item or service of the month. You can launch a new product, or do a full demonstration on how to use a specific piece of merchandise. Corporate videography & content is versatile and topical, and when done well, is sure to satiate viewers. Make a connection between your product. Show what it can do for your customers. Through this, your business should see a noticeable boost in interest and sales.

Increases Rank in Google

Google’s algorithm for search ranking measures the time visitors spend on a given website. This is called dwell time, and Google uses this to determine whether or not a site is trustworthy. The longer the dwell time, the more likely that the website has quality content. The more quality content, the more trustworthy the site will become with Google. Not to mention, websites with video content generally have higher click-thru rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates. Do you remember the last great video you watched? According to the Online Publishers Association, 80 percent of consumers do remember. They report recalling a video as much as a month after watching it. That’s a huge impact in just a matter of minutes.

Partnering with a video production agency as part of your business plan can open many doors for your company. You’ll not only bring in more customers; you’ll keep them, too.

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