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implicted is a Suncoast Regional EMMY® Award Winning Film + Video Production studio based in New Orleans, Louisiana.
We have over a decade of experience producing creative content solutions. Our projects include corporate branding, advertising, commercials, music videos, documentaries + films, and live events.
Our objective is to bring stories to life. We are visual storytellers.

Video Production

From concept to completion, we can provide all of the equipment, personnel, or studio space needed to create engaging video content.

Creative Solutions

Our creative team specializes in providing effective and efficient results. We collaborate with clients and nurture ideas + concepts into memorable experiences.

ImplictedSTUDIOS is the premier New Orleans Video Production and Creative Agency for all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for a corporate video or commercial produced, or just have an idea and need creative consulting, equipment, and more – we’re the team that’s ready to provide everything you need. We’ll utilize all of our experience and knowledge to create the perfect video for you.


working with us

Our experience and technical expertise has allow us to engage every facet of creative outlets. From broadcast television + live events to feature films, documentaries + music videos, we never stop creating and growing. We collaborate with partners and clients to continually bring the highest level of quality to projects.

“Emmy Award Winning Production Company implictedSTUDIOS in New Orleans, LA

Creative Development

Consulting and expanding ideas to transform concepts into engaging + memorable experiences.


All of the budgeting, contracts, crewing, scheduling, and preparations that allow for a smooth and efficient workflow.


Lights, Camera, Audio, Action! We provide all of the creative tools that allow us to capturing the story or moment.


This is where the story is told. Color Correction, Editorial, Graphics + Visual Effects, and Music + Sound Design all go into creating an engaging visual story.



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.


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The Pepsi Ad. That's all you have to say and people instantly know what you mean. But in case you somehow missed it, here's the gist. The ad is a two-and-a-half-minute commercial featuring Kendall Jenner at a social protest. After giving some righteous fist pumps and feeling woke with her fellow protestors, Jenner hands a Pepsi to a stern police

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How Filming Your Next Event Can Help Build Your Brand

Developing tools to keep your audience engaged is one of the first steps to great marketing. My clients really appreciate how video content pulls into focus the important moments at their company. Recording their events offers them the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand and feature a different side of their business. From behind-the-scenes footage to glitzy functions and galas,

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Stimulate Your Social Media With Dynamic Video Content

One of my favorite things about working with video is the process. Deconstructing a surface story and diving deep into the content to capture a meaningful moment and compelling narrative for our clients is why we do what we do. Thoughtful content that is professionally curated by a video production company increases your chances of being found on the internet

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