2016/03/08 implicted
Tulane Wavemakers Full-Body Green Screen

Tulane Wavemakers Full-Body Green Screen

Creating 180 Degree immersive experiences is no small task. Our client needed us to capture full body green screen interviews of Tulane University’s leading members. From the dean to key personnel leading the way to advancements in education and technology.. we were there to provide content to be implemented into the immersive show along with a variety of features telling the story of Tulane’s continuing push to lead the way in educational institutions.

The entire display was great! Implementation of the green screen interviews was to engage audiences and describe their roles along with the latest developments within their departments. Feature stories surrounded the room telling of overcoming distasters such as Katrina and the magnitude of ways Tulane is providing opportunities to the community such as New Orleans’ GrowDat Initiative.

Tulane’s outreach is setting trends and other educational institutions are taking notice. Teaching is at the basic level of what universities provide. Reaching students and developing communities has set them apart in an inspiring way.

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