5 Geaux-To Rules for New Orleans Corporate Video Production

2016/01/08 implicted

So, you’re looking to make your New Orleans corporate video production stand out from the rest? Maybe it’s to impress your staff, clients, or even your competition? Here’s the 5 things you have to make sure you follow when you begin this process.

1. Connect to the Sentimental, Not Cliché

There is a fine line between being relatable and just plain pandering. You don’t want the corporate video you distribute to be the latter. Instead of going for the cliche in New Orleans corporate video production themes (Mardi Gras, second line), pull a story from the community. A story that relates to your company in a positive light. Even taking an employee or manager and giving them the spotlight will help more people connect to your company. This prevents them from zoning out when they see the same visuals they always see.  Producing small vignettes that depict a person or highlight a current company campaign can be extremely memorable for many companies.

2. Keep the Customer in Mind

If you only have one specific type of customer, that might help your targeting… but what about expanding beyond that demographic? The best way of ensuring the longevity of your company is thinking about the long-term goals. Before you begin your foray into any New Orleans corporate video production, be sure that you have plans solidified that appeal to the different kinds of customers. Much like how a Mardi Gras mask is the “face” of New Orleans Mardi Gras, your video can put a face on your company.

3. Put a Face to Your Company

New Orleans Corporate Video Production Can Put a Face on Your Company

Much like how a Mardi Gras Mask is the “face” of New Orleans Mardi Gras, your video can put a face on your company.

Much like how a Mardi Gras mask is the “face” of New Orleans Mardi Gras, your video can put a face on your company. Whether it is the CEO, an employee, a customer, a local celebrity, even a mascot, having a face or symbol to put with your company will make you more recognizable and relatable. The goal for any video production company should be creating content that helps connect the business with the client on a personal level. Having a story or face connected with you will aid in brand recognition.

4. Have a Strategy and a Story

Having a strategy or purpose in mind with your video is going to be the key. Are you trying to gain more customers, appeal to potential employees, attempting a company rebranding effort? Maybe you’re just in crisis mode? Working with the right video production company can help you realize these objectives. This will help to make your video as effective as possible. Not to mention, having a budget in mind helps your production company give you realistic expectations.

5. Avoid the Static

Static is never a word you want describing your company or the materials you put out for others to see. We recommend videos use movement to keep your viewers entertained, interested and engaged throughout the experience. Keep your story moving through dynamic cinematic visuals, things that keep both the eye and the mind moving toward your final conclusion. Moving the camera brings movement to your story, keeping it fresh and modern.

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